RocketOne Bucharest

Our Values

RocketOne is a near-to-home co-working and entrepreneurs space, cosy place with friendliness, international and european mind, real community feeling, social link and support, like-at-home spirit.

We believe in Economy 2.0 : durability and ecological transition, change-the-world-for-better, social inclusion, responsible capitalism.

We support women in career, as we know that women have a fundamental (and difficult) role in our society, as mothers, companions and need to be sustain to find their proper place, life balance and professional fulfillmen.

We are very open minded, children (8+) are welcome. Children can make their homeworks while pa and/or ma are working on their projects, they can also learn english, italian and french with remote teachers and also computer engineering technologies.

We will offer soon home-made & healthy food delivery inside the office (vegan, romanian, french, italian) and sport coaching for street workout to stay in perfect shape.